Transport service intermediaries

Transport service intermediaries are persons who organize services for transportation of persons and property for remuneration. The intermediaries must register on the list of transport service intermediaries kept by the Commission.

Under the Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehiclesCe lien quitte le site de la Commission des transports., only the intermediaries registered on the Commission’s list may offer transportation intermediary services in Québec. Thus, any contract made with a transport service intermediary who is not registered, or whose registration has not been renewed, will be declared null and void as of right.

The Act defines an intermediary as follows: "any person who, for remuneration, acts directly or indirectly as an intermediary in a transaction between third parties the object of which is the transportation of persons or property by a heavy vehicle". For example, the intermediary may be a transportation broker, a forwarding agent, a travel agent and even an operator of heavy vehicles who acts regularly or occasionally as a transport service intermediary. The intermediary is the freight forwarder, the load broker, the transport contractor, the forwarding agent, etc.

How to register?

The List of transport service intermediaries form must be completed and returned to the Commission, along with the payment (List of fees - Transport service intermediaries – PDF (71 Ko)).